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NEN 3140 VP course | Online classroom

NEN 3140 VP Course

Have you been appointed by your employer as a Vakbekwaam Persoon (Skilled Person)? In this course you will be trained as a Skilled Person in accordance with NEN 3140. Requirements for the course are a training in electrical engineering or equivalent work experience.

In short

Investment 399.-
Duration 1 day
Lesson times 09.00 – 16.00
Certificate Yes

Qualification after a NEN 3140 VP course

After attending this course, you will be officially authorized to perform electrical engineering work and you will meet the NEN 3140 requirements for a Skilled Person.

Employees appointed by their employer as a Skilled Person in the framework of NEN 3140 can carry out more complex electrical work, such as adding a meter group to installations, maintenance of electrical installations, and work on low-voltage installations.

Target audience

This one-day NEN 3140 course is intended for employees who are designated as a Skilled Person according to NEN 3140. A training in electrical engineering or equivalent work experience is a requirement to participate in this course.

VOP NEN 3140 

To take the NEN 3140 VP course, you must have completed a training in electrical engineering or have relevant work experience in this field. What if you want to take the NEN 3140 course, but do not have a training in electrical engineering? In that case the NEN 3140 VOP course is an excellent choice.

With a NEN 3140 VOP certification, you are authorized to replace fuses, inspect equipment and reset safety features. VOP is short for Voldoende Onderricht Persoon (Instructed Person).

After you have completed this course, you can then take the NEN 3140 VP course for more in-depth knowledge and competence. 


The course can be completed in one day.


The course will cover the following topics:

Electrical hazards and accidents

  • Electrical hazards
  • Short circuit
  • Electrocution
  • Preventing short circuits 

Electrical engineering and legislation

  • Legislation and history
  • Occupational health legislation
  • NEN 3140 

Safe working processes by skilled personnel, procedures, and PPE

  • Introduction
  • Employees
  • Periodic instruction
  • Working and maintenance procedures
  • Working on equipment while disconnected (no voltage)
  • Permission to start work
  • Working close to live parts 

Working with a work permit and operating instruction

  • Safety procedures
  • Work permits and work on low-voltage installations
  • Operating/switching instruction document, plan or annex
  • Replacing a broken wall socket
  • Working on a distribution unit 

NEN 3140 VP certificate

To keep your knowledge and skills at the right level, we recommend that you do a refresher course at least once every five years. Align your Outcome re-training with your NEN 3140 designation policy. More information can be found in our free e-book ‘NEN 3140 implementatie’ (in Dutch). 

Locations & dates

3 courses available

  • Place
    Start date
    17-07-2024 09:30
  • Place
    Start date
    25-09-2024 09:30
  • Place
    Start date
    12-11-2024 09:30


NEN 3140 VP course | Online classroom
399.- 1 day (excl. VAT/all-in)
Costs per person (ex VAT), including:
  • Teaching materials
  • Certificate

What makes you a Skilled Person under NEN 3140 VP?

Before you can call yourself a Skilled Person, you must meet a number of requirements. For example, you need to be able to assess the hazards and risks involved in electrical work, and it is important that you know how to carry out electrical work safely. With this recognized course you will meet these quality requirements.

Is a NEN 3140 VP certification required?

With this course, the employer and the candidate both comply with the requirements of the Working Conditions Act and the Labour Inspectorate for a Skilled Person in accordance with NEN 3140. 

NEN 3140 VP online

Would you prefer to take the course online? You can! You can register on the page NEN 3140 VP course online (in Dutch) by clicking the button ‘Direct inschrijven’ (Register now).

Incompany training NEN 3140 VP

Would you prefer to take the NEN 3140 VP course at your own location? No problem, our trainer can visit your location for a NEN training. You take care of the coffee, we take care of the rest! An in-company course may be worth considering from six participants. Request a quote now!

The benefits of an in company training:

  • Your wishes and expectations will be turned into a custom-made solution
  • Directly and practically tailored to your organization
  • No travel expenses and travel time for employees
  • Prior intake to map the desired training results
  • The date for the course will be set in consultation

We will be happy to make a suitable proposal for you. Click here to contact us.

NEN 3140 VP course | Online classroom
399.- 1 day (excl. VAT/all-in)
Feedback company reviews: 8.6 van de 10 sterren
Free cancellation up to 2 weeks before the start