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Internal audit training (English language)

Why an internal auditing training?

An important advantage for the effectivity of a KAM-system, is that organizations do process focused internal audits, by which the KAM-elements can be checked if they are operating right. These audits influence the support and the effectivity of the KAM system and there require the fervour of qualified employees.

Aim internal audit course

Because of this the course internal auditing has the aim to give internal auditors insight in their tasks, responsibilities and competencies. At the same time the auditors will learn competences to execute the internal audit.

Target Group internal auditing course

The training internal audits is meant for managers and involved employees that will act as internal auditors of e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, BRC, OHSAS 18001 or SCC (VCA) management systems.
The above mentioned norms require a good qualified internal auditor. With this course will be met to the norm elements.

Content training internal auditing

The course internal audit gives in a short period of time insight and exercise in the use, aim and the implementation of internal audit. This training internal auditing is based on the ISO 19011 norm voor intergrated system audits.
Questions that will be dealt with, are for example: 

  • What is an internal audit?
  • What is the use and aim of internal auditing?
  • How can an internal audit be planned?
  • How do I organize an internal audit?
  • Who are involved in the audit?
  • How do we execute an internal audit?
  • What do we have to do by determined inaccuracies?

During this practical course internal auditing will be dealt with practise and a real execution of internal audits.

Internal audit training in company?

Training internal auditing in company?

Ask a quotation of a course internal audit at your location! 


Internal audit courses in Dutch language: interne audit trainingen

Tijdsduur: 1 dag
Investering: 569,-(excl. btw)

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Cost and certificate training internal auditing

After having finished the training, the participants will be sent a certificate. The cost of the course internal audit is € 569,- per person, tax excluded. Included are coffee, lunch, internal audit curriculum and a certificate. 

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